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There are many reason why you should try online shopping. Cost and time saving are on the top of my list.

Well, that’s not always true. When I unboxed my very first order from one of the biggest online sellers, I was terribly disappointed. Needless to say, I thought I saved up money but as it turned out, the kitchen utensil, an electronic mixer I purchased didn’t even last a day. I had to ship it back the next day. Don’t get me wrong. I love to shop online. But that’s not why I started VLUESHOP.

What opened my eyes (to see an opportunity) was when I purchased an espresso maker, one of my business investments for my cafe. It came in a blue box, it was looking great. But long story short, the espresso didn’t come out bitter. What came out of it didn’t even taste like coffee. Well, I couldn’t even express my disappointment. I didn’t even know how to reach out to the seller. It was a bitter experience. I kept the espresso maker decorating my collection of ‘failures’. Failure is a business school.

As a self-proclaimed world traveller, I have talked to business people learning about their products and how they go about their business. I learned one important concept that consumers and sellers should develop – trust. It is the highest virtue attained only through a habit of excellence.

Trust is everything. Why should you trust VLUE with your hard-earned money? Well, let me put it this way, VLUESHOP has four pillars built on the foundation of trust. These four pillars make up our name to remind us always why we exist.

  • Value: Product of great value at the lowest possible price.
  • Labeled: Products are properly labelled and accurately represented.
  • Universal: Products for anyone and everyone delivered wherever you live.
  • Excellence: At VLUE, it’s all about customer satisfaction.
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